Why Invest?

With an excess of $300 million client funds under management and over 200 years combined experience in their field, Blackwater Global can provide tailored investment advice to you.

They use their extensive knowledge and experience, combined with their research resources, to develop a robust and defendable solution just for you.

Your investment choices will depend greatly on your goals. Are you looking for a reliable income or long-term growth? Perhaps you would like to save for a comfortable retirement, or investing to fund a special project. There are four main reasons why you might look to invest for your future.

To generate an income - Income-generating investment funds are designed to provide regular income, on a monthly or quarterly basis. For some, that income is important for paying bills and maintaining a lifestyle, so these investment funds put a special focus on security and consistency of returns.

To grow your capital - A growth investment fund is designed to achieve long-term capital gain by investing in shares and/or property. Growth funds are more volatile than conservative funds, such as income or money markets. Fund values may appreciate or depreciate depending on the success of the companies invested in, as well as other market factors.

To save for a specific goal - Are you on track to achieve your ‘someday’ goals? Ambitions like the renovating your home, education, travel, or a special dream, can all benefit from an investment plan. With a targeted investment plan, you could be on your way to achieving these savings goals.

To have a secure retirement - To get the best from your senior years, you need to build up financial reserves. A specialized retirement savings plan that keeps a percentage of your contributions out of reach until you have retired, such as locked-in managed fund investments, can assist in ensuring you attain your goal of a financially comfortable retirement. The strategy for retirement investment varies with age, but in most cases you should start as early as possible. As you age, it is likely that your strategy will need to change and a regular review of your investments and Risk Profile is vital to keep your retirement savings on track.

Your Blackwater Global adviser can help you understand your investment needs and your personal risk profile, and help you decide amongst the myriad of options available.